FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If you can not find answer to your question, please feel free to email us at sales2@china-lanyards.com and we will answer your question as thoroughly and promplty as possible.

·1. Why choose Haiyuan lanyard? 
         -- As an authorized supplier of some famous brand: Nivea,Sony,BMW,Benz,Cocacola&Ericsson,haiyuan Lanyard is always proud of four advantages as follows:
         A. 100% Price Match
         B. The Excellent Communication
         C. Free Sample Making

         D. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

·2. What is the MOQ? 
         -- As a lanyard manufacturer with 11 years experience, we welcome any quantity, so never worry about MOQ in Haiyuan Lanyard.

·3. What lanyard colors & imprint colors are available? 

         -- Lanyard colors & imprint colors can (almost) match any pantone color. There is some variation in color printing and this is an understood industry standard.

·4. Can I get a free sample? 

         -- You may order a randomly imprinted sample free of charge.

·5. Can we do our OEM design? 

         -- Our design team can design or re-draw your logo free of charge.

·6. What is the turnround time for custom? 
         -- With a 2000㎡ facility and over 100 skilled workers, haiyuan lanyard could produce 800000pcs lanyards monthly, that makes us could offer custom Imprinted lanyards in 4 production time as follows:
         A. 7-day production for 1000 pcs of lanyards maximum(transit time not included)
         B. 10-day production for 2000 pcs of lanyards maximum(transit time not included)
         C. 12-day production for 3000 pcs of lanyards maximum(transit time not included)
         D. 14-day standard production for 10000 pcs of lanyards maximum(transit time not included)

·1. What shipping methods are accepted? 
         -- Haiyuan Lanyard offers three shipping methods for your choice:
         A. By Express Courier: DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS
         B. By Airfreight

         C. By Seafreight

·2. Do we blind dropship? 
         -- Yes, we do "blind dropship". Many distributors, wholesalers and other companies use us to ship to their end customers for quicker delivery. Send us the dropship address and we will not place return info on the boxes and there will be no invoices or packing lists.
 ·1. Why we need to order heat-transfer/dye sublimation custom lanyards? 

         -- Custom lanyards are used to add a sense of identity to businesses, conventions, events, tradeshows, schools and government agencies. Nothing is impossible to print on heat-transfer/dye sublimation lanyards as the materials used for heat-transfer/dye sublimation lanyards are almost superior smooth polyester which offers a smooth surface for details logo and unlimited color printing option.

·2. Can we do custom lengths or even custom products? 

         -- We are the manufacturer. As such, custom ideas, custom lanyard lengths or even entirely different lanyards are no problem. We can and have done large corporate orders of everything ranging from neck lanyards to luggage straps for some famous brand, such as Nivea,Sony and Ericsson, etc. You'll be amazed at our fast delivery and prices.

·3. How can I place an order? 

         -- You could email us your order details to sales@china-lanyards.com. We will communicate with you at the fastest time.

·4. Can I get a pre-production sample? 

         -- You may request a pre-production sample. However, there is additional cost to ship the sample to you from china, and add 3-4 business days onto the overall production time. So we recommend a virtual sample before mass production.

·5. Can we cancel an order? 

         -- Orders may be cancelled right up until the time they ship. Any charges incurred by us up until the time you cancelled will be charged, including charges for material, printing and packing, etc.

·6. What payment methods are accepted? 
        -- Haiyuan Lanyard could accept Paypal, T/T by wire, Western Union and L/C at sight. 
·1. Is there any discount for large quantity quotes? 

         -- Prices for 30,000 or more pcs. are quoted individually. Please contact us: sales@china-lanyards.com for a special discount.

·2. What's a setup/molding charge for heat-transfer/dye sublimation printing? Do you save my molding? 

         -- Molding charges are the cost of setting up a custom device to print your unique logo. We save the heat-transfer / dye sublimation printing molding for 1 year so if you re-order the same thing with the same printing logo within that time, you will not incur a setup charge.